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by karen on July 17, 2011

Just had to share this inspiring
story, shared with me by Daegan
about his Maximum Leverage
Training, of which I am a member of
and highly recommend:

This is the most courageous and
inspiring stories any of my students
have ever shared with me about the
impact that “Maximum Leverage” has had
in their life.

Maximum Leverage

Review the link above after reading this
message completely.

Submitted By Tich Darangwa 7.11.11:

A year ago today I underwent open heart
surgery and I have to say it was the
lowest point of my life.

I was away from my family and friends I
was alone.

Before all this I had discovered Daegan
Smith and the Maximum Leverage.

My life online was starting to really
take off I loved what I was learning
inside the Inner circle.

Daegan held a contest on the best
marketing take away from the maximum
leverage, I took part and I was one of
the winners and …

The prize was membership to the Maximum
Leverage (Sweet).

A few days after winning that contest I
became ill and I found myself I having
some serious problems breathing and the
next few days I was fighting for my

I was side lined from the internet and
the world for 8 months straight.

I lost everything from my blogs, domain
names everything.

I did not have the money to pay for them
and I did not see the payment due while
I was busy dying.

After all this I still owed part of the
medical costs which were not covered by
my insurance of just under US$58,000.

Yes …

Things were not looking good at all.

I had to face realty.

I had lost everything.

To make matters worse I was being told
to stay at home while I underwent rehab

Guess what was the only thing I had?

Yes …

The only thing I had was the membership
to the Maximum Leverage Inner Circle and
thank God for that because …

I just don’t know what I would have done
without it.

So bit by bit I started going through
the information trying to figure out
what to do.

In one of the trainings Daegan said:

“Generating leads is finding out where
your target market hangs out and putting
the right bait in front of them”

Just that line right there changed my

I found a free way to reach my target
market and I placed the right bait in
front of them and it worked.

I have managed to pay back most of my
medical bills I am left with a few

I guess things happen for a reason and I
will forever be grateful for that
Maximum Leverage Membership which was
there in my darkest hour.

I just pray that all of you reading this
do not have to reach a low point like
the one I was at for you to see the true
value of the Maximum Leverage.

Maximum Leverage

I guess what I am trying to say is
Daegan thank you very much for everything.

Now I know how to fish.

- Tich Darangwa

To Your Success,

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